Apple preps anti-theft measures

Apple has successfully patented an anti-theft measure for mobile devices such as the iPod, iPhone and MacBook, according to Mac rumour site AppleInsider.

The technology works by detecting and reacting to unusual movements in the devices – such as the sort of continuous jerking motion you might associate with a mugger running away. This would then cause an alarm to be triggered, or even for the device to be locked completely; a password would have to be entered to make it usable again.

The patent describes the system as adjustable, so if you were planning on taking your iPod jogging you could tone down the sensitivity and prevent it locking up every five minutes.

An accelerometer would be required to make the system work, which Apple already puts in its laptops (the sudden motion sensor) and will be including in the iPhone (for the auto-rotating screen) – so the mugger-bothering tech could be in action on Britain’s mean streets fairly soon.


The writer: T3 Mag


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