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Sony Ericsson k810i


Sony Ericsson k810i

Sony Ericsson’s latest Cyber-shot handset is a photo-fanatic’s best friend, cramming in a 3.2 megapixel camera with auto-focus and a top-notch Xenon flash, as well as super-smart editing features.


Packing Sony Ericsson’s Photofix software, the K810i lets you tweak pictures to your heart’s content, without ever offloading them onto a desktop computer.

Once you’ve snapped a quality image, it’s a piece of cake to fiddle with light balance, boost your photo’s colour levels and even remove red-eye with software built into the handset.

Taking the best picture in the first place is a doddle too, thanks to Sony Ericsson’s BestPic technology. Click the shutter and the K810i will take several photos at once, letting you pick the best of the bunch to keep for good.

You can even upload photos straight from the handset to a Blogger page, or print to a USB printer with the included cable.

Photos from the K810i look so crisp you’ll doubt they came from a camera phone, while the built-in Xenon flash makes it an essential companion for trigger-happy photo fiends keen to keep snapping after dark.

Storing high-resolution images on a mobile phone is usually painfully slow, but the K810i’s Memory Stick M2 makes saving files a super-slick affair, and you can pop in extra cards without switching off the phone, so you’ll never run out of space for your photos.

The memory card can store music and videos too, and with A2DP stereo Bluetooth, the K810i’s equipped to work with the latest wireless earphones.

Built in TrackID software will also please music lovers. Hold the K810i up to a speaker, and the software will identify the song and artist playing, so you’ll never struggle to hunt down a killer track again.

For music, movies and the ultimate in mobile phone photography, the K810i has to be on your shopping list. Snapping precious images has never been so simple, or so satisfying.

The writer: T3 Mag

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