The perfect PC

Here in KSA stealing software is nothing… and even I don’t like that, I can’t stop it. And because of that I start a year ago the search for good alternatives, to be honest I always knew about the free and open source programs but I didn’t try it. I didn’t know how good those software but as a result of the searching I can say that some of the free software is far better than the ones that we pay for 🙂

And this is list of the best programs (this is my opinion) :

1- VLC* and Gome for playing all media ( it doesn’t play real media ).

2- for malware protection Antivir* (it has one of the best detection rate for last months but it doesn’t protect from spyware), Active Virus Shield ( it use Kasersky engine, umm you can call it Kaspersky lite), Avast and Clamwin.( I don’t like AVG )

3- Windows Defender*, Spyware Terminator and Arovax AntiSpyware* for anti spyware.

4- Comodo and Ashampoo for Firewall protection.

5- Paint.NET* for photo designing.

6- OpenOffice* for Office and spreadsheets work.

7- Firefox* and Opera for surfing Net (I like Firefox more and it’s the default Browser).

8- Notepad++* notepad replacement and for PHP editing

9- Deep Burner* and CDBurnerXp for Burning CDs and DVDs

10- Google Desktop* for desktop search.

11- “7-Zip“* to open and make Zip, 7z and Rar and other type of archives ( 7-zip doesn’t make rar files and only open it ).

12- Thunderbird is an Email Clint like Outlook.

13- Utorrent* and Azureus for downloading Torrent files.

13- Orbit* ,Fashget and Freedownloadmanager as download managers that supports resumable downloads and multiple simultaneous downloads.


Any progarm in thel list with the sign * is installed in my PC.

Note: even the free programs is good but that doesn’t mean the paid programs is over, no the paid ones still have the some advantages campared to the alternatives, because it has many tools and options the free programs doesn’t have and you can take Nero as an example.

If you have a better List please tell me as a comment

Written By: Murtadh

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