Xcavator, Photo Comparison Search

Xcavator.net is an interesting stock photo search engine. Instead of just searching for tags, you can also select a color, or upload your own photo to get best matches returned. Results are already OK, and would probably be even better with a larger image database in the back-end (so that you would find more precise matches to the photos you upload).

What’s really neat is that you can drag and drop photos from the result onto the bar below the results, so that you can buy the stock photo at a later point but continue browsing… in fact, thanks to Ajax you never have to leave the frontpage of Xcavator; on the downside of that, you also can’t use your browser’s back button to return to past searches (as ever so often with modern web apps, for every pro of on-page interactivity, there’s a con in accessibility).

If you find certain surprising or just very precise matches when you uploaded a photo to the site, please post your screenshot in the comments.

Written by: Google Blogoscoped


One Response

  1. Hey, thanks for the coverage. Just want to let you know that your search in the above screenshot was using the Rights Managed database, currently only 300K images. Check out the Royalty Free database we just launched – using iStockphoto’s database of 1.8 Million images. You are right; the technology works better and better as databases grow!

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